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A Life Coaching Session with a Thai Buddhist Monk

Do you wonder how to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals? How to find balance and live a more plenty life? Would like to know how to find your life mission and purpose? Get the chance to find answers to these questions and many more from a Thai Buddhist. Venerable Pasura Dhantamano will be offering individual and group life coaching sessions on November 27.

What kind of topics can be discuss during your coaching session:

  • Meditation and self-development;
  • How to overcome obstacles and problems in life;
  • Tools to discover your mission in life;
  • Daily discipline and achieving goals;
  • How to manage your responsibilities and enjoy life;
  • How to let go of a problem;  
  • How to be happy right here right now;
  • How to deal with pain;
  • If you practice meditation you can ask about your experience and get guidance;
  • How to remain peaceful in everyday life;
  • Practice that you can do to improve your relationship with family and friends;
  • Learn about Theravada Buddhist monk’s life;
  • Or suggest your own topic or question.

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  • Individual coaching: One on one 20 minutes session; donation: USD 50
  • Group coaching A: 3 people 20 minutes session; donation: USD 20 each
  • Group coaching B: 10 people 20 minutes session; donation: USD 10 each

Monks do not charge for its teachings, neither make a profit. Money raised from Meditation Clinic is a DONATION to cover expenses incurred from having a Buddhist teaching monk in our Peace Summit. The Buddhist monk speaks English however translation into Spanish is available upon request at no additional fee.

If you have questions, please contact: Diana Barrios or Gabriela Torres at [email protected]

About Venerable Pasura Dhantamano

lp-pasuraVenerable Pasura Dhantamano also known as Luang Phi Pasura, was born in Thailand and has over 25 years of meditation experience.

He has a master’s degree in International Relations and has been conducting meditation workshops, trainings, presentations and retreats for more than ten years all over the world.

Phra Pasura Dhantamano acts as the head teaching monk, lead advisor and curriculum developer of the Peace Revolution project. He is also responsible for organizing, advising, location scouting, hospitality management and conducting various religious ceremonies and trainings – e.g. Novice Ordination Programs, ‘V-Star’ Youth Morality Development, ‘World Peace Ethics Contest’, Vesak Floating Lantern Ceremony – in various countries throughout Asia, Africa and Europe.

Throughout the year, Phra Pasura Dhantamano aids the WBSY with organization and coordination in event planning, development, networking, peace building and meditation teaching, as well as advising for its many functions and youth outreach projects.